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How Do We Get Started with ATi Services?


Getting started with ATi Services of Tampa is easy.

Just follow the simple steps below!


1.  Give ATi Services a call at 813-350-7863 or email us at  to set up an appointment for an estimate. At this time our Estimator will discuss with you, your remodeling project and your budget concerns to get a clear picture of what you want to accomplish. This will help both of you to define your project so he can better manage your expectations. ATi Services schedules estimates Monday through Friday starting at 7am with our last appointment at 3pm. We have Saturday appointments available between the hours of 8am and 12Noon.


2.  Once our estimator arrives at your home and he will carefully review your project. He will also review ATi’s Insurance, ATi’s Contractor License and Bonding information so you know from the start, you are protected. He will then discuss any special needs like pets, hours work can be performed etc.


3.  An estimate will be emailed to you for your review. Please review the written estimate and make sure it has all the specifications you require. Once this estimate is signed, it becomes the contract and “scope of work” order for the project.

     Please call with any questions! 813-350-7863 or email us at


4.          Review the reference letters and make a few calls to the references provided. This “Homework” will give you a 100% confidence level in the Value of our Services.


5.  Once you have decided that ATi will provide you with the Dependable, Quality Workmanship and Service you expect, please sign the estimate and initial where indicated. 


6.  If your estimate is more then $1000.00, please provide us with a commencement fee, as detailed for your project.


7.          Please mail both the signed estimate and the required commencement fee payment  (the commencement fee may also be paid by credit card)

     Our address is: 3111 W. MLK Blvd., Suite 100, Tampa, Florida 33607


8.  Once both are received, a project start date will be mutually agreed upon and scheduled.


9.          Finally, our team of tradesmen will show up on time, at your property on the scheduled date, the project/process will begin and continue until completed.


Congratulations on making the decision to Add Value to Your Most prized Asset ................ YOUR HOME!


Jack Zolnierowski

General Manager

ATi Services of Tampa, Inc.